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Rare Earth (or Neodymium) Magnets are extremely powerful. They are among the strongest of all magnets, and are relatively affordable, making them very popular. They are considered permanent magnets, although some rare earth magnets will lose their magnetic field at high temperatures. Some are also quite brittle, unfortunately, which means that they need to be used with care, as they can break apart with explosive force.

  • Produced by the powder metallurgical method with chemical composition of Nd2Fe14B
  • Very hard and brittle – cannot be drilled or machined
  • Extremely stable and highly resistant to demagnetisation.
  • Low resistance to corrosion
  • High resistance to magnetic demagnetization
  • Excellent cost to performance ratio
  • Not suitable for application which exposed to high temperatures - up to 80°C

  • Download the rare earth magnet specification here (PDF 63KB)